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BB4U, Inc. (Morgan Ministries, Inc.), is a ministry dedicated to empowering individuals by helping them discover their own uniqueness and creative talents. Evangelist Elizabeth J Morgan founded BB4U, Inc. (Morgan Ministries, Inc.) with her husband Jay, in 1996. They are members of Sanford El Bethel Temple under the leadership of Pastor Willie David Arrington.

Evangelist Morgan is an anointed teacher, evangelist, and conference host who has a love and passions for souls, and shares God’s message of “Hope and love” throughout our nation.
BB4U, Inc.
(Morgan Ministries, INC.)
Ministry Focus
Compassion Outreach

Her compassion and dedication has created opportunities for ministering internationally. She visited the country of South America and the Galapagos Island where she realized, there are no limits to God’s boundaries for Ministry. BB4U, Inc. (Morgan Ministries, Inc.) has traveled to the Island of Jamaica with a mission to evangelize, as well as furnish clothing and much needed supplies to residents.

Locally BB4U, Inc. (Morgan Ministries, Inc.) serves and ministers to the men, women and children in our Homeless Community. For more than 5 years now whether it’s rain or shine on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month you will find Evangelist Morgan and her volunteers, feeding, clothing or addressing the needs of those in our homeless community.

To date Evangelist Morgan along with volunteers have served over 7,000 people in just her feedings along; In the winter when it’s cold you will find Evangelist Morgan driving around the City of Orlando giving out blankets and hot chocolate and a warm smile that says “you are loved”.

Not only does the ministry feed over 300 people a month, but God continues to extend our boundaries and show us the endless need of the homeless; so when we’re not doing our regular feedings at our designated location, Evangelist Morgan is driving around the City searching for those in need, giving out sandwiches and drinks once or twice a week. Since the inception of the ministry Evangelist Morgan has mentored hundreds of youth, through her summer program “Teen Academy” teaching young ladies, principles of virtue, integrity and life skills.

Oasis House Ministry Focus

Oasis Transitional Home will provide a safe and supportive environment for troubled young women. BB4U, Inc. (Morgan Ministries, Inc.) recognizes that delinquent young women are hurting emotionally, physically, and spiritually due to lack of love, encouragement, and meaningful relationships present in their lives. BB4U, Inc. (Morgan Ministries, Inc.) is dedicated to mending the broken lives and hearts of troubled women.
Many have been inspired, challenged and strengthen in their faith as she shares practical truths to achieve balance in one’s daily life. Currently, Evangelist Morgan teaches on a weekly Prayer Line to help women in need of help, guidance and inspiration through the Power of Prayer and Intercession.