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Compassion Outreach Ministry

Morgan Ministries - "Compassion Outreach" is a faith based initiative addressing the needs and plight of homeless men women and families in the Orlando area. Our purpose is to bring awareness to the community and provide an opportunity for organizations and individuals to volunteer in preparation and feeding those less fortunate in our society.

Morgan Ministries "Compassion Outreach" is a 501c3 non profit organization, we accept charitable donations to assist us in meeting the needs to the homeless in the Orlando area.

Our dual purpose is to bring attention to this plight and provide an opportunity where volunteers can become directly involved in preparation and feeding of those less fortunate.

3. Sponsor a Food Drive - Non Perishable Food Items - Rice Pasta (Beans & Vegetables in #10 size cans; Styrofoam Cups and Plates are needed as well.

4. Sponsor the Cost of a Feeding - The average cost of a feeding is $250-$300, which feeds 150-200 people. (donate Button)

5. Donate - Your Tax-Exempt Gift Today
​1. Join us at our feedings - Location St George     
  Greek Orthodox Church
  24 N Rosalind Ave. Orlando, FL
  Date: 1st and 3rd Wednesday
  Time: 5:30pm
Washcloth, disposable wipes
2. Donate - the following Care Packet Items
Place items in zip lock bag. On day of feeding items will be distributed to those in need.Approximately 150-200 bags are needed.
Hand sanitizer
Feminine hygiene products
First we would like to invite you to join us at our feedings to experience a face to face encounter with the homeless men, women and children in our City. If after this experience you wish to add your name and email address to our permanent volunteer list, you will receive regular e blast messages that will inform you of the date of our next feeding or special event.
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How to Contact us:
Phone number: (407) 523-1991
Fax: (407) 523-6523
Email: mministries1@cfl.rr.com